• Production capacity:
    1,000,000 yards per month


  • Production capacity:
    200,000 kgs per month


  • Production capacity
    2,000,000 yards per month

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PT. Daya Pratama Lestari

PT. Daya Pratama Lestari has been one of the most innovative and leading textile producers. Our company is one of the manufacturers & exporters of fabric textile products in Bandung, Indonesia. Our technical perfection, quality standards and innovative impacts are unique. PT. Daya Pratama Lestari has become one of the leading symbols of quality products in the textile industry.

PT.Daya Pratama Lestari is an integrated textile company that produces high-quality specialty dyeing fabrics. Over just a few years since it began operating, the company has become a significant presence in the textile market to this day. Located in the modern industrial city of Padalarang, West Java, Indonesia, it occupies a total area of more than 6 hectares of land, employing 700 people. The factory consists of diverse working units, including weaving, dyeing-finishing, office building, staff quarters, and other supporting facilities.

Our History

PT. Daya Pratama Lestari

Established on May 15, 2002, PT Daya Pratama Lestari is led by Mr. Herawan Koswara.

As one of the fast growing textile companies in Indonesia, we use the latest technologies and implement high standards of quality.

Keeping up with the current developments of modern technologies (machineries and other equipment) enables us to produce high quality products at the best prices within the turn-time required by our customers.

To ensure achievements in every segment, we have also configured our corporate management in such a way that all sections can be well coordinated and managed.

PT. Daya Pratama Lestari
Business Development

In order to become a world-class standard textile manufacturer, we are continuously expanding our production, marketing, distribution network and services. We also realize that participating in important national and international trade exhibitions are valuable. We are committed to satisfy our customers by offering them excellent high-quality products at competitive prices, promptly delivered and with hospitable services.

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Vision & Mission
PT. Daya Pratama Lestari


Our vision is becoming the best and most advanced Textile Company in Indonesia in term of quality and technology.


Our mission are to produce high quality textile, to serve and to meet customer’s expectations and at the same time to promote satisfactory working climate.

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